Shadrapa Blanc

Domaine Shadapra Blanc, Made from Chardonnay, fermented and aged in oak barrels, will surprise you with its freshness and fruitiness that gently incorporate a stylish and integrated oak. Aromas of acacia honey, bergamot and candied fruits surely seduce you. It will go perfectly with a roasted chicken or a slice of swordfish with capers.

$23.99 /750ml

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100% Chardonnay


Couteaux de Medjerdah








750 mL

Wine specs

Tasting notes

This full bodied rich white opens with a burst of honeydew, and mango aromas coupled with a subtle hint of butter, vanilla, and caramelized pears in a perfect mouth feel as the low acidity accentuates a fatty hazelnut finish.

Domaine Shadrapa Blanc with its straw yellow color and smooth texture is the result of nothing short of artwork. Made of only Chardonnay grapes and carrying within it the region’s climate, this wine comes to life as soon as you open the bottle harmoniously paired with white meet, mushroom risotto, and soft cheeses.

Wine specs

Food pairing notes

This well balanced Chardonnay is best paired with white meats like chicken piccata and roasted turkey, seafood like braised branzino and shrimp linguine, soft cheeses such as camembert cheese, or even while enjoying the delicacy of a rich desert.

The carefully curated dance between the freshness and richness in this fine wine allows it to complement a wide array of foods and allows the consumer to experiment freely from a light snack to a formal dinner.

Wine specs


The grapes are selected from our best Chardonnay planted at the top of the hills which gives them optimal exposure. This perfectly ripe grape is picked and sorted directly on the plot. The harvest is then destemmed and crushed, a prefermentary cold maceration is carried out. The fermentation takes place in oak barrels and lasts 2 weeks with impeccable cold management. Following the fermentation, the duration of the barreling is around 12 months before the preparation of the wine for bottling on the premises.

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