” Here at Hamilcar imports we try to satisfy all palates by curating a diverse portfolio containing an array of products that covers both coastal and inland wine regions and the best they have to offer.

The coastal region of the Cap Bon represented by Domaine Neferis, one of the most recognized wineries in and out of Tunisia due to its innovative approach to the art of making wine and honoring the history of its 2000 year old roots.

The inland valley region of Medjerda valley represented here by Domaine Shadrapa, the most awarded Tunisian winery internationally, and just its Phoenician name indicates the history of wine in this region and its complex, yet diverse product that can only leave you bewildered with the riches of this ancient land and the ability of its artist to continuously elevate and refine the gift of the gods.”



Deity of doctors, fertility and wine

Shadrapa first appears in the pre-Roman era in Lepcis Magna, one of the principal cities of the republic of Carthage. This Phoenician god, protector of doctors, was also a fertility god very soon identified with the deity of Greek myth Dionysus, God of grapes and wine, whose cult was active in Carthage from earliest times. According to legend Shadrapa was born on earth as a savior of humanity.

During a severe drought he taught men to make wine, the drink of the gods. Thus, he himself became divine, a healer, protector of doctors, god of fertility and of the wine.

The ‘medical’ association in the Domaine’s name is apt if you recall that Tunisian wines were used by southern French wine blenders at the beginning of the 20th century to ‘dose’ and improve their own wines. The idea of divinity is also perhaps quite modern, considering the health benefits of moderate wine consumption.




The name of Domaine NEFERIS echoes the Phoenician and Roman history not only of Tunisia but also the importance that the region had at that time. Neferis was a fortified Carthaginian city located about thirty kilometers from present-day Tunis.

She played an important role during the Third Punic War. Already in antiquity, the hills of NEFERIS were the breadbasket and wine cellar of Rome departing from the ancient Gulf of Utica, the first commercial port of the Carthaginian and Roman era.

The Domaine NEFERIS vineyard was created in 2000 on the hills of KHANGUET, in GROMBALIA, on the very spot where the first French vineyard was created in 1878 by Mr. Emile Lançon.