Hamilcar Imports is a wine import company based out of California and run by partners Gwen and Sabil. Gwen was born in Minnesota to a Dutch and American family. She grew up through adventure and travel, developing along the way an appreciation and love of diverse culture, music, food, and drink. She landed in the Bay Area melting pot at age 22 with savoir vivre.  Born and raised in Tunisia, Sabil moved to California when he was twenty years old. After years of working in the Biotech Industry, Sabil decided to turn his love of wine into a career with one of the largest wine distributors in the United States. He has dedicated his experience into starting Hamilcar Imports to introduce the world to the ancient, fine wines of Tunisia.

How we started

It all started during a summer trip to the Mediterranean coastal town of Tabarka. Sipping on a glass of pale rosé at a seaside resort, the wine perfectly translated our scene: glittering Mediterranean waters before us, the majestic Atlas Mountains to the south, and the setting sun glowing behind an ancient Roman fort. Our minds wandered through the ages of the land, its people and history, from the end of the last ice age to the Berbers, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Numidians, Arabs, and French. Each sip evoked floral bouquets reminiscent of the French Rosé Provençal and a terroir as complex as the history of the soil it originated from.

The moment made our dream clear: bring this elegant wine to the adventurous and worldly California consumer and invite them to join us in exploring Tunisia through a wine glass.

Hamilcar Imports

Our story

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