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Phenicia Rouge

Based on the winemaker’s suggestion, we recommend the decanting of this perfectly aged Phenicia Rouge in order to fully enjoy the mastery of a robust Tunisian wine.

The fleshy and warm PHENICIA ROUGE presents small expressive ripe red fruits with a delicate aroma of red peppercorn. As this full-bodied wine is exposed to ambient air it develops into a magnificent statement of ripe plum and dark berries perfectly balancing the earthy notes characterizing the region. We recommend that Phenicia Rouge should be decanted for a few minutes to allow its full profile to develop.

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50% Cabernet Sauvignon 50% Merlot


Couteaux de Medjerdah








750 mL

Wine specs

Tasting notes

Made for your Gourmands pleasures. This big red offers serious drinkers a window to the perfection and finesse of our winemaker PILAR RODRIGO MONZON. This full bodied red wine with its garnet red color, ripe red fruits and plum aromas, spice notes, and medium-high acidity is a perfect companion of winter nights, gamey meats, and loud cheeses.

A fragrant bouquet of ripe berries and plum opens the palette for a surprising burst of cedar and violet notes accented by a delicate graphite and spice notes that truly represents the terroir of the Medjerdah Valley. The lingering savory and mouth drying tannings provides for a lengthy well rounded finish and hints at the possibility of aging.

Wine specs

Food pairing notes

Sabil’s personal favorite, this bold wine perfectly pairs with steak, venison, manchego cheese, and rosemary roasted potatoes. PHENICIA ROUGE’s structure, with its boldness and tannings, delicately counteracts the fatty  and rich flavors of gamey meats, red meats, nutty cheeses, and bold

Wine specs


 The picking of the grapes is done manually, we carry out destemming and crushing on the harvest which will be sent to the vats with a maceration which lasts between 2 and 3 weeks with impeccable temperature management, no initial aging in oak barrels for the red phenicia, it is aged in stainless steel vats for at least a year and a half before being transferred to the barrels and eventually bottled on the premises.

This wine expresses all its splendor with ripe red fruit, notes of pepper with a pleasant power and a generous finish.

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