Domaine Shadrapa is located northwest on the hills of Medjerda, the only river of Tunisia. Which gives the area an exceptional terroir for the development of high quality wines. Moreover, the ancient people such as the Carthaginians, the Phoenicians and the Romans made it their gardens and have built beautiful cities in the image of Dougga, World Heritage of UNESCO. This Winery was established in 2004 at the spot where, according to historians, was planted in 1879 the first French vineyards, as part of a Tunisian-French partnership between the group SFBT (Manufacture of Beverage Company of Tunisia) and Castel Frères group, a leading European wines. The vineyard, which runs along the river Medjerda, is composed exclusively, noble grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache Gris, Cinsault, Syrah, red, and Chardonnay, white. I invite you to discover in this booklet of the soul Domaine Shadrapa and its range of wines that are both seductive and authentic.



Its semi continental microclimate, characterized by a significant thermal amplitude, provides a very good synthesis of phenolic compounds, for red wines, and a perfect balance of freshness-aromatic power, for white and rosé wines.

As along the rivers of the world which house the most renowned vineyards on their hillsides, the Domaine Shadrapa is located on the banks and on the hills of the Medjerda valley! This proximity to the largest river in Tunisia which rises its source in Algeria is an incontestable climatic and qualitative asset for the Domaine Shadrapa that cannot be found anywhere else in Tunisia.

The examination of the soils of Domaine Shadrapa vineyards reveals two soil types particularly suited to growing grapes. The first is a deep soil composed with alluvial flows of sandy loam, allowing excellent ventilation and adequate crop development. The second type is more superficial soil and clay-calcareous nature. These types of soils allow the vine to feed reasonably without excess. Ripeness and acidity found a nice balance.

Domaine Shadrapa statement

Worthy of its heritage, proud of its modernity

Back to the origins of Mediterranean viticulture

The Foodland hillsides of Medjerda

Since ancient times, in Tunisia as all around the Mediterranean basin, there are large farms that produced the three major feeder cultures: vines, olives, wheat, without forgetting sheep farming. Created in 2004, the Domaine Shadrapa is a young and worthy descendant preserving the soul of millenary Mediterranean agriculture based on nature. This human plurality of the mythical cultures became very exceptional in our time. It illustrates perfectly the quality of the valley of Medjerda terroir where the best world grapes as the Merlot, the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Grenache, the Syrah and the Chardonnay, installed on its hillsides, produce authentic and modern wines. A real return to origins of the Mediterranean vine growing to propose wines perfectly adapted to the tastes of the nowadays consumer.

Despite its recent creation, the Domaine of Shadrapa enters the family of the big historic domains of the world vine growing which transformed and modernized their production.

Domaine Shadrapa is a company focusing on agricultural development in Tunisian Vineyards: 236 hectares for 18 000 hectolitres
– Merlot : 93 ha – Cabernet Sauvignon : 60 ha – Grenache Gris : 30 ha
– Syrah : 28 ha – Chardonnay : 20 ha – Cinsault : 5 ha

The vineyards

The best Mediterranean and world grape varieties thrive wonderfully

The vineyard of Domaine Shadrapa was created, in 2004, on the Coteaux of the Medjerda, at Slouguia, at the same location where the first French vineyards were built in 1878. It covers an area of 236 hectares of vines planted with wine grapes: Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Syrah, Grenache Gris, Chardonnay and Cinsault. Grape varieties that showed, over the time, a great adaptation to Mediterranean soils.

The vineyard of Domaine Shadrapa is undoubtedly the most important and the most qualitative Tunisian vineyards, firstly, by the diversity of grape varieties and, secondly, by its high density, of six thousand two hundred and fifty vines per hectare, gives an optimum leaf surface exposed to wine quality.

The Cellar

Modernity at the service of the know-how and the quality

The winery of Domaine Shadrapa was conceived to allow the winemaker to realize the different types of wine making and vinification, while providing good preservation of the organoleptic quality of the grapes since the reception of the harvest, to the bottling. Moreover, the winery has two coaxial tubular heat exchangers for cooling grapes, must and wine. All winemaking and storage tanks are thermo-regulated. The temperature control is essential for both: the development and for wine storage. In addition, the winery has a complete station for inserting musts and wines to ensure good protection against oxidation. Finally, the Domaine Shadrapa has invested in a cellar of French oak barrels from the most world famous and well known coopers. To give our wines great complexity, we selected barrels of different types according to the level of the grain’s fineness and the intensity of heat. The know-how of our teams and the high level of our equipment guarantee the optimum quality of our wines.