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Discover the south Mediterranean one sip at a time

With both pride and joy, we, at HAMILCAR IMPORTS are honored and excited to invite you for a glance at the sunny southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea through a wine glass, where the ancient history of Carthage’s Amphora beautifully mingles with the elegant touch of Tunisia’s finest contemporary winemakers.

We hope you have an enjoyable experience on our site and an even lasting one through our wine HIICLUB. Here at HAMILCAR IMPORTS we are sure to always have a bottle for you, be it a big coastal red, a unique white, or a delicate rose a la provencale.


Current release

Désir Rosé

Invoke all your Desires with rose petal color, elegant body, aromas of pink flowers, stone fruit, and honeydew and a taste of framboise, citrus, and subtle minerality that reflects MEDJERDA VALLEY’s unique terroir.

This friendly and approachable Rosé is best enjoyed chilled with grilled seafood, young cheeses, and great conversations.

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US (510) 650-5320.


The Reds

Cabernet Sauvignon


The Whites

Muscat Of Alexandria
Grenache Gris


Vines And Wines of Tunisia

Similar in climate and geography to Sicily and Southern France, Northeastern Tunisia and the Cap Bon Peninsula, as well as Northwestern Tunisia, are the most productive areas, with a terroir producing an expansive variety of grapes for rosé, red, and white wines.

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